Postpartum Corrective Exercise

Congratulations! You have a baby (or a little kid, or a teenager, or an adult). It doesn’t matter if it’s been six weeks or six decades – once you’re postpartum, you’re always postpartum. Perhaps you’re feeling great and just want to carefully work back up to your pre-pregnancy activities. Or maybe you’re:  

  • Experiencing back pain 
  • Having a hard time healing your diastasis recti
  • Leaking when you sneeze
  • Not sure how to pick up the baby and all the gear without hurting yourself
  • Noticing that your neck and shoulders are aching all the time
These are all common issues after having a baby, but they don’t have to be your reality! 
We’ll work together to:
Postpartum Corrective Exercise

  • Reset your breathing patterns and posture
  • Create strength in a way that improves diastasis recti and prolapse instead of worsening them
  • Help you stop worrying about where the nearest bathroom is
  • Avoid injury when pushing a hundred-pounds of stroller and kids up a hill
  • Rebuild your core so the rest of you doesn’t have to work so hard
  • Address restrictive scar tissue if you had a c-section

Ready to focus on yourself for a moment?