Wellness Philosophy

The better your body feels, the more you feel free to do the things you love. Strength and ease of movement support us in enjoying our passions with confidence – whether that’s hiking to the incredible view, lifting up the kiddo in your life, or simply enjoying a night out with friends.

How long have you been moving the way you do today? Maybe it’s been:


  • A few months since a recent injury
  • Two years since you hurt your back for the first time

  • A dozen years of practicing your sport the same way

  • Since middle school when you started sitting in a desk all day

You can’t expect to undo months, years, or decades of bad habits overnight. But there’s hope! The body loves to move in an easy way when it’s reminded how that feels. 

Wellness Philosophy

Powerful changes are possible when you know what to do differently.

We’ll start slow and methodically as you discover the patterns that are holding you back and replace them with new ways of moving.  

I’ll break exercises down so you can feel when your hips unnecessarily shift, or your ankles start to roll, or shoulders start shrugging up to your ears. As you build strength and develop body awareness, you’ll increase your range of motion and progress to more challenging, full body movements. 

You’ll learn how to massage the muscles that are literally holding you back so you can move more efficiently.

I WON’T promise an easy cure for this or “One weird trick” for that. When you commit to working on yourself with my guidance, there will be work. That’s how you get big results.  

Here’s what I can promise:

  • We will have fun!

  • You’ll gain tons of knowledge about your body.

  • Sometimes it WILL feel like magic.

There’s nothing cooler than finding the puzzle piece that helps everything fit together. 

Maybe it’s learning that your hip stops hurting when you massage one specific muscle or discovering a new sleeping position that helps you wake up refreshed. 

Maybe your missing piece is strengthening your hamstrings so they can finally let go or figuring out which direction to point your toes when you stand (spoiler alert: it’s not always straight ahead or even the same for both feet). 

We’ll take lots of tiny steps together so you can take a huge leap forward. 

So how many sessions are we talking about? It depends. 

Ten to twenty sessions can dramatically shift movement patterns but most students start to feel a difference in just a few sessions

My goal is to empower you to feel confident and strong in doing all the things you love without needing to work with a trainer regularly. 

Some students continue working with me weekly or monthly so they can keep diving deeper. Many step away feeling great after ten to twenty sessions and go months or even years before checking back in. Either way, I’m always available for a tune up or to work through a new challenge. 

Want to know more? Find out what to expect in our training sessions.

The Irene Bean Wellness Promise:

You are ALWAYS in charge. If you don’t feel comfortable doing or discussing something, we’ll move on to the next thing. 

Every session is a shame-free zone. Change can be challenging and nonlinear. You’ll be excited to do your homework when you feel how much it helps, but I’ll be there to support you when life gets in the way or you experience setbacks.

You can forget about “No pain. No gain.” Mild muscle soreness is part of muscle building. Some discomfort is to be expected as you massage tender areas. But pain is your body’s way of saying – stop, please! You will frequently be encouraged to evaluate whether something hurts and asked to try something else if it does. 

When in doubt, you’ll be referred out. I take my responsibility to remain inside my scope of practice seriously and will recommend that you seek out another kind of professional if I think you need a different kind of help.

Ready to leap into the next stage of your wellness journey?