What to Expect

So you’ve decided to take the next big step on your wellness journey. Woo hoo! Schedule a discovery call to discuss how we can work together to reach your goals.

All new students are required to start with an Initial Assessment. During this session we’ll discuss your intake form, identify goals, and create a plan to empower you each step of the way. You’ll try a few simple exercises so we can establish a baseline and prioritize which areas to focus on. We’ll end by reviewing one or two pieces of homework and addressing any final questions. 

Subsequent training sessions will always include:

  • Check in – how you are feeling in the moment, how you’ve been feeling since our last session, any questions that have come up, goals for the session
  • Breath work – we’ll use breath to help you settle into your body and develop a strong foundation
  • Movement – review previous exercises, learn new exercise, refine form

  • Release work – utilize massage tools to relax your muscles and fascia to improve the efficacy of your exercises
  • Education – anatomy lessons, what you want to be working/feeling when you perform specific movements or massage specific areas, the WHY of what we’re working on
  • Homework – review exercises and/or add new ones for you to do until the next session

Bodywork sessions follow a similar format but include minimal movement and maximum hands-on time.

Body Mechanic Evaluation sessions also follow a similar format with an emphasis on looking at your activities of daily living and your environment. Movement and massage help to reinforce newly developed body mechanics. 

Want to know more? Learn about my wellness philosophy.

The Irene Bean Wellness Promise:

You are ALWAYS in charge. If you don’t feel comfortable doing or discussing something, we’ll move on to the next thing. 

Every session is a shame-free zone. Change can be challenging and nonlinear. You’ll be excited to do your homework when you feel how much it helps, but I’ll be there to support you when life gets in the way or you experience setbacks.

You can forget about “No pain. No gain.” Mild muscle soreness is part of muscle building. Some discomfort is to be expected as you massage tender areas. But pain is your body’s way of saying – stop, please! You will frequently be encouraged to evaluate whether something hurts and asked to try something else if it does. 

When in doubt, you’ll be referred out. I take my responsibility to remain inside my scope of practice seriously and will recommend that you seek out another kind of professional if I think you need a different kind of help.

Ready to get started?